little boring townMature

                 "katherine are you going to wake up any time soon or do i have to drag you out of that fucking bed?" my mom yelled up  the stairs police sirens wailing in the background

             "yes im comming, dont break your voice box." i muttered under my breath. i hated it when my mother yelled at me. much less cuss at me. oh ya sure i cuss but thats besides the point, its whenever your the one getting cussed at that sucks. well on with the story, my name is katherine and well, my life pretty much sucks at the moment. see my mom is a druggy, so we move around allot to keep away from the cops (well no duh who wants to go to prison?) and well at the moment they were surrounding our house.

            "lets move katherine the cops are here!"

           "let them come i hate it here with you and your fucking drugs and stolen money" i yelled at her... thats when the cops came in

The End

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