A story i wrote sometime ago and thought about getting it published. The people that have seen it think it is good, what do you think?


                                                T H E   S E C R E T




The Owners;                         Tom and Jane Shaw

Top Brass;                            Major General Martin Riggs     USA Army

                                             Major General Louis Chase      USA Army

                                             Brigadier Ken Kenyon              Army

                                             Brigadier David Jones              Army

                                            Admiral John Waterstone          RN

                                            Admiral Henry J Washington   USAN

                                            Air Marshall Richard Wilson    RAF

                                            Colonel James Mason               USA Army

                                            Major George Bernard Shaw    Army

Main Players                       Colonel/Mrs Joan Davies

                                             Captain Charles Davies

                                             Captain Jeff Conrad Davies

                                             Colonel Fred Barnes                  USMC

                                             Private Patrick Jones

Spies                                    Unknown

Air Crew                             Unknown

Resistance                           Claude, Francis, and Klaus

Germans                              Colonel Franz Kaufman                Army

                                             Major Heinrink Feldman              Army

                                             Lieutenant Klaus Steinberg           Army

                                             Lieutenant Hans Zimmerman         SS

Prisoners                             Captain Jesse Marquez                    USAF

                                            Captain John Contay                      USMC

                                            Captain Patrick McTavish              Black Watch

                                            Captain Tom John McLeish            Army

                                             Lieutenant James Pemberton         Army

                                             Lieutenant John Stein                    RN

                                             RSM William Scar                           Black Watch

                                             Sgt Bill Taylor                                Army

Scientists                              Professor John McTaggert

                                             Professor Victor Houseman

                                             Professor George Troutman

                                             Doctor Frazer Zuckerman

                                             Doctor Thomas Stoneman

The Women                         30 in training


                                          OPERATION  PETTICOAT


                                               BY  C R CRITCHELL


                                                       CHAPTER ONE




  "Today ladies and gentlemen, we have a selection of fine houses for sale. As usual you have had a good chance of viewing all of the properties and I hope that there is a house for you. Now then we shall start with lot number 1". So it went on, many of the houses going for a snip of a price.

  Tom and Jane had come along as they had seen this old Victorian house set in a massive amount of land. It was a bit run down and they had done there research on it and managed to find out that it had belonged to a lady called Mrs Joan Davies and she had lived there with her parents all her life. She was even left the house when her parents had died.

  At the age of 19 she had married an army captain, and shared it with him. They had three children and it was them that had put the house up for sale as they could not afford to look after it. Also with them living in different places, it made sense for them to sell.

  "Right ladies and gentlemen we come to lot number 35, The Oaks in Sevenoaks. A lovely Victorian house in three acres of land in need of restoration. Where shall we start?, shall we say £100,000". So it went on and with Tom bidding against a man in a black overcoat, the price went up to £299,000 and at this stage the man went out of the bidding, so it left Tom to finally get the house for £300,000.

  As the hammer come down they both cheered with delight. They went to the place to pay there money and sign the contracts, and to get the keys and the deeds to the house.

  To their surprise they also got a large envelope and a diary. They asked what they were for and were told that part of the deeds. "Ah well" said Tom "we will look at them later, now let's go for a drink, and celebrate our success."

  They went round to the Fax Ox which was a small pub a little way from the auction house. Tom ordered the drinks and they sat down at a table in the corner. To there surprise they saw the man in the coat sitting at a table near to them. Jane smiled at him and he got up and came over to them. He said "Would you mind if I joined you?", they said no. He introduced himself as Capt. J C Davies who had served with Colonel Joan Davies during the war and had wanted to buy the house as the Colonel had left something in the house which would make a lot of people in high places very scared. As the time went by he explained what he meant, and  this is the story that he told to them and believe me it opened there eyes as what people will do for there loved ones.

  "Every one knows that love is there for everybody. You have the love of your parents, brothers and sisters, when you start getting older there is the school girl or boy love and finally the first love. But the biggest love of all is when one person loves you with all there heart and the love you have for your children.

  This is about the love that you give your partner and it touches your heart. Joan Davies loved her husband very much as you can see from her diary. She was the type of woman that would walk miles if she needed medicine for him even through very bad weather. She never asked for anything and never expected anything.

  She would do the housework and the cooking just to please him, but one particular day she would know that she couldn't live with out him. There was a knock at the door and as usual she greeted the person with a big smile but that turned to a thrown as the person was dressed in an army uniform and had his hat in his hand.

  "Hello madam my name is Capt Davies may I have a word with you". She asked me to come in and to go into the drawing room. She asked me if I would like some tea and I said yes if it wasn't too much trouble. After she had made the tea I asked how her day was. She said it was fine and then asked me why I was here.

  I explained that as she knows, there had been a landing in France by the British forces but as I speak, it looks bad for us. A small force of hit and run soldiers had been deployed to go deep into enemy lines and try and knock out some of the Germans supply lines. They were doing fine as far as we know but we have not heard from them for some time now. The officer in charge of No 1 platoon was your husband.

  You could see the shock on her face as she had no idea what he had been doing. Then when she thought about it for a while, she started to cry, so I comforted her as best I could. I told her she was not alone in this as there was other officers and men involved, she asked how many but I said that I could not tell her.

  I stayed there for at least an hour and then took my leave of her, I felt really bad for her, but there was nothing that I could.

  Most of the next week I was going from family to family breaking the bad news. It was not a job that I relished doing but it was one that I had to do. To see all those women, sons and daughters breaking down with emotions.

  "I bet it must have been really hard for you to have done that job, why was it that you had to?" said Jane. "It was hard on me but as one of the officers in charge at the time, I was given this task by the Army and by my office."

  "I started to see her on a weekly basis but it soon started to be every other day. You can call me a bastard for doing that but I can assure you it was as friends and it never went any further. Not for want of trying but she loved her husband and I don't think she ever got used to him not being around.

  Then in 1943 I got the strangest of phone calls from a soldier who had escaped from a prison camp in Bavaria and had managed to make his way to Switzerland with the help of the resistance and his name was Private Patrick Jones. He was given a message by them that there was a secret camp somewhere in Bavaria that was holding men of secret origin and no one had ever seen them but they had managed to find out they were from British and American  hit and run squads of about 200 men and that the officer in charge was just called CD. You can imagine I was a bit shocked with the news as we had intelligence on most of the camps but had never heard of a secret camp.

  At this stage I said that he could come with me to the brass in London and he said "Ok sir." I set up a meeting with the brass but there was something in my mind which said it could be Joan's husband. We shall see what happens at the meeting tomorrow.

  The day of the meeting was, as expected, a tense experience for all of the people. It was arranged for a time when all could be present. The place which we used was Knowle Park just outside Sevenoaks in Kent. The members of the meeting would be;

Major General Martin Riggs, Major General Louis Chase, Brigadier Ken Kenyon, Brigadier David Jones, Admiral John Waterstone, Admiral Henry J Washington, Air Marshall Richard Wilson and two other lower ranking officers a Colonel James Mason finally Major George Bernard Shaw, the highest ranking members of the armed forces at that time plus three other secret people with no name. I was also present because of my expertise in the county side surrounding Bavaria and I was familiar with the mountains as I had spent sometime climbing in the area.

  When all of the members had arrived and had there lunch we all sat down around the table and the curtains were drawn. Outside there were so many military police from the British and American forces with Canadian, French and Dutch military police.

  There were also screens in the room and behind them the other members were seated. So it begun.

  Private Patrick Jones was led into the room and he told what he had to tell, his testimony going on for over an hour. He told of a secret camp somewhere in the Bavarian mountains which was hidden from any prying eyes from the ground but because of the supposed location no one was able to get a look at it from the air.

  After he had finished he left the room. This was when every one started talking at once. "Stop" came a voice from behind the centre screen. "What we have to do is to find out if this place really exists? It is about time that we worked together in order to do this, it is no good arguing amongst each other as that won't solve the problem... I was told to leave the room which I did.

  "What we have to do is to drop an infiltration party in to this area and to see if the intelligence is correct," and so it went on into the early hours of the morning. At about 0500 hrs, I was sent for and I met with a Colonel Fred Barnes of the USMC who laid out what had been decided the night before. "You and I are going to go on a little expedition tonight to see if this place exists. We are also taking Private Jones with us as he knows the area where he was and the route he took out of there. We leave at 0000 hrs so I suggest you get some sleep. No telephone calls."

  So with this I went and got something to eat and had a few drinks in the officers mess, then I went and got some sleep. I had asked for someone to wake me at 2330 hrs and this would allow me to get sorted out.

  I met up with the Colonel and Private Jones by the airplane and there were two other men there who did not speak and were wearing balaclavas with the eyes cut out. They did not speak but I knew they were two of the people from behind the screens. Something was odd about one of them for as far as I knew men don't have breasts like those ones and what an arse he had in them tight pants.

  We took off and the journey would take a few hours till we got to the zone where we would jump out of the plane. So we all got some sleep.

  Then a buzzer went off and I woke up with a start, wiped my eyes, and took a swig from the hip flask that I had sneaked onto the airplane. I put on my parachute and awaited the signal to jump. What I didn't know was that the crew were coming with us on this expedition. As I jumped I flipped over and saw a flash as the plane exploded in mid air then it crashed into the mountains. It was cold very cold in the air and after a while I touched down in the snow. I moved my parachute to a big rock with a hole under it and my companions did the same.

  It was time for us to settle down till daylight as it was dangerous to be out in the open on the mountain at night. Time will tell if it had been worth it and the information that we have from the resistance was correct and this place does exist.

 Time to move came the call and so we did. The Colonel at point with Private Jones behind him pointing out the way that he had come. I was in front of the other two secret people who said nothing but I could tell that they had a lot of experience in this area and in the field of espionage.

  About two hours into the journey we came across an area which I had not explored beforehand so we got the maps out to try and find it. We looked and couldn't locate it. So we got our compasses out but the needles just went round and round so we couldn't use them to set our maps.  It didn't look like anyone could or was living here but we became very cautious from now on. About an hour later we got our first signs of life. We spotted what looked like four men on skis moving off to the right of us. We waited for them to disappear before we followed there tracks. They disappeared over the edge of a cliff, Nothing!!.

  As we looked we couldn't see anything but as the light started to fade we saw what appeared to be glowing. Then we saw it. A massive city built into the mountains which seemed to be about a mile wide. There were towers and smaller buildings and it had its own transport system. Nothing like we have ever seen before. There were loads of people moving, going about there business. I got the binoculars that I had with me out and I couldn't believe what I saw. A lot of the people all looked the same. Out to the left at the entrance to one of the towers were men dressed in silver uniforms and what seemed also strange to me was that there weren't any women. Funny I thought at the time but later we would find out why this was.

  At this stage the two people disappeared into the night. "That's our job done in the morning we are out of here," said Fred "You air crew you know what you have to do?" and at this they said yes. I didn't understand this till we got back to England.

  The meeting again was a secret affair, same place and all the same people there but with a difference. Only one screen. This meant that the others were still in the mountains. I asked about the air crew and was told that it was not my concern. "Yes Sir," I said. I had no idea what was about to happen, but I assure you it did.

  I went to see Joan as I thought she had the right to know that her husband might be alive. That's all I would tell her but women are stubborn and sometimes stupid but when love is involved they are brilliant.

  A few weeks later I was told that there was nothing that anyone was going to do about the place as nothing could find or get near it. I argued the point but they said it was final. So I went and told Joan and I could see she was upset at the news but what followed made me admire the woman.

  Knock knock at my door. "Whose there," I said "Orders from HQ Sir" came the reply. I opened the door and took the orders. It read; you are hereby ordered to Scotland ASP. You are to report to Aviemore where you will join up with special unit PTC01. Destroy these orders. Major GB Shaw. This I did then started to pack.

 My train left later that night and it was the sleeper train. I made myself at home in my carriage and then went to find the buffet car.  I sat down at a table and ordered something to eat and drink. What I didn't know was that the other man from the house in Kent was also on the train. After eating I went back and got some sleep.

 The next morning I was met at the station by a car and was driven to Aviemore. I didn't speak to the driver and she didn't speak to me. It is a nice place Scotland full of fresh air makes you good to be alive.

 About 2 miles outside of Aviemore we pulled up at the gates to a newly built camp. The guard on duty checked my identification and allowed us to proceed. We pulled up at the main office and I went inside.

 To my surprise I was met by Fred Barnes. Also there was Private Jones and they welcomed me to the base. "I hope you had a good trip" said Fred, fine I said. "Now that you are here I will tell you what has been decided to do about the secret base. As you know from our expedition it is impossible to get to the place from the air. What has been decided is that with certain people we will be going in not only to rescue our people but to destroy the place. In that respect we have organised people who have an interest in this. I will tell you more in the nest few days but there is one person you already know who is here. Ah here she is now. Please come in Colonel Joan Davis."

 "Hello gentlemen and you Jeff," she said, "Hello Joan". "It is very nice to meet you again and I am sorry that I couldn't say anything to you but you have to understand that if you had known you would have tried to talk me out of this"

 The whole meeting took about 2 hours and as it went on it was clear to me that it could actually work. Afterwards we all went to the mess hall and had something to eat. What surprised me was the lack of men there and most of the women seemed to be married.

 "Role call will be at 0600 hrs so I suggest you get some sleep as it will be the hardest and intense training you have ever gone through, so good night ladies and gentlemen and I will see you in the morning", said Fred "And from now on there is no rank so we will be calling everyone by there first names", he said.

 We all retired to our rooms.

 I was woken next morning at 0430 hrs and after getting ready I went to the mess hall and had my breakfast. While I was there I noticed that most of the women were talking French and this seemed a bit strange to me. Joan came in then and sat down with me. "I am glad you are here as I asked for you personally and I know you have a lot of questions but it will be explained to you today" she said. "I hope so but what I don't know is why there are only women here and why are we in Scotland?". Wait and see.

 The first meeting was at 0900 hrs in the hall, we all sat down. In came Fred and sat down at the head table. Also there was a man who sat very quietly at the table. This is what was said.

"Welcome one and all. My name is Fred and I am you main leader of this expedition. As you know a lot of your husbands and boyfriends were taken captive by the Germans in the early part of the war. We now know through intelligence where they are." At this stage the lights went down and the projector burst into light. As the film was shown Fred went through what was a daring plan. "What we are going to do is mainly to get them out and to destroy this place they have in the mountains in Bavaria. You ladies are going to be used to get to the Germans. There is a village not far from the base and we will be setting up a brothel in this village. After six weeks the USAF and the RAF will bomb the village and you will make it look like you are trying to get to Switzerland. With luck the Germans will offer you a place in the base to set up a new brothel. This you will do. Part of your mission will be to find out from them, who visit you what makes the place so hard to find. I know it sounds like we are using you but you are all volunteers but if there isn't anyone that wants to do this please leave the room now". No one moved.

 He explained that this was the best way of seeing there loved ones again and with the information they had, the only way.

 At first I was shocked that the governments could use women like this but they were all up for it.

 After the meeting I got hold of Joan and asked if she would like a drink. How do you feel about this I said to her? Fine came the reply. It was my idea for this when a gentleman came to see me at my home. I had talks with some people in London at the Ministry of Defence. I suggested that they get in touch with the wives and see what they said. One of the conditions was that they spoke French and that they didn't mind a foul mouthed horrible German getting there way with them. I also said to them that they should be given some sort of rank as they would be taking all the risks and they agreed with this. I was promoted to Colonel. In a way we will be fucking for England, a lot of them didn't do much at home but felt it was right that they should be doing this and that there husbands and boyfriends would understand what they were doing. We will be using protection which will be supplied by the Americans so we won't be bringing back any diseases or little Germans.

 I know my husband would understand what I am doing for him but deep down I know he will be upset with me.

 I thought it something that was courageous that she was doing this, but I couldn't feel that she was dreading it. Having them Germans pawing at her.

 Then I found out what my part was. I was going to be there pimp. My job was to tout for trade and also to make sure that the women were ok when they were with the Germans. This is where Patrick Jones came into it. Before the war he had lived in London and had gone many a time into Soho. He had got a job at a strip joint there on the door and also had sorted out clients for the women, so he would be working with me... It was a while before I spotted it. He had a new scar on his neck, which had been put there surgically and I found out that they had done something to his larynx so he couldn't talk. He now had to right things down on paper, how could they do this to him?,  but I suppose that it made sense as his part in this was going to be the mute, one who couldn't tell anything if it all went wrong. He would also snoop about learning all he could about the place we were in.

 I then met up with Fred and had a couple of drinks with him. He said it was about time that I got to know some of the women who would be acting as the whores. What they were using was a mock up of a house that would be used as there main point of trade. As we went in through the front door we were met by one woman who was acting as a sort of madam, her name was Francis. She asked me in perfect French if I had come to see any of the women. I said no and she asked me if I had any preference as she had some lovely women who would like to get to know me. There was this one woman who caught my eye and I asked if she was available and she said that she was. The lady took me up stairs to one of the bedrooms and then locked the door. She led me over to the bed and then poured me a drink, which she gave to me.

 She then asked me what it was that interested me, I told her and then she told me the price. Lay on the bed she said and proceeded to remove my trousers. Then my under pants came off and she then removed her knickers. She had a gorgeous body nice and firm but I wasn't allowed to touch her.

 She then got hold of my penis and started to masturbate me, getting it hard as she could. She then put a condom on it and got on top of me inserting my penis into her. I looked at her face and it showed a slight strain on it but she went on and on with what she was doing until I orgasmed. She got off of me, and then she took the condom off, put it into the toilet, and pulled the chain. She unlocked the door and said good bye to me. As the door closed I could hear her start to cry but went downstairs. The madam then asked me for the money, I paid her left and then went and started to get drunk.

 "It's not your fault came a voice from behind me, they are in this because they want there men back," I looked round and it was Joan. There was a tear in my eye which I wiped away and said hello to her. She then gave me a big cuddle which I appreciated her doing.

 As the time went on the women got better at the role playing and I got better at the pimping. To make it more believable for the women, we went out of the camp into local villages and they also shipped in a few troops for the night. They played at being the Germans in the brothel and we also held parties just like it should be. You could see as time went on the women were becoming hardened to the roles they had to play but I still shed a tear for them.

 Six months of this followed and we finally got the word we were waiting for, we were set to go.

 We were set to fly out from an airfield in Northern England in two night's time and as before the aircrew would be coming with us. Why you might ask but it turned out they were spies and there jobs although they were secret turned out later to be part of a network of agents in Germany. The first crew were also part of the organisation.

 This night was different. I was as usual in the mess having a few drinks and Joan came in with some of the women, talking French. She came over to me and quite out of the blue said "Hello mousier, how about buying me a drink?". I said ok and we got talking about nothing really. The hours went by and she said would you like to come back to her  place. I said ok and we left. She didn't take me back to her room but over to the brothel. We entered and she led me upstairs, into one room and she locked the door. She poured us both a drink and took me to the bed. She started to undress me and kissed me on the lips which I duly responded. She pulled back the sheets and asked me to get in to bed. I then watched her get undressed what a body she had, she then joined me. I find it strange that she would choose me as her first partner in this expedition but it is something that I wanted to do for some time now. We made love all night and the best being her on top of me with me deep inside her, her moving up and down up and down gyrating her pelvic muscles and me sucking, playing, and kissing her breasts. They were of a fair size firm with hard nipples. She was moaning with pleasure all the time. She came first and then me not long afterwards and we then fell into each others arms.

 I got a cigarette out and started smoking it; she was sipping at her drink. We started talking and she said that I was the only one at this place that she had slept with since she came here.

 After a bit she got under the bed clothes and moved in between my legs. What is she going to do I thought but I soon found out. She started to masturbate me getting me hard as a rock, and then she started to use her mouth on my penis, sucking, nibbling at it, and licking the full length of my rod. All the time she was doing this she was massaging my testicles and boy did it feel good.

 Oh my God!, I could feel myself ready to explode but the way she was playing with my balls made it hard to ejaculate until  she was ready for me to do so, and when I did cum she swallowed it all. I let out the biggest sigh I have ever done, no one has ever done that to me before. We then fell asleep together.

 This was the day that everything we had been doing would come into place. It was a bit hectic with all the women sorting out what they would be taking with them. Knickers, underwear, and most of all the protection they would use. We would be leaving the place at 2200 hrs and all going to the airfield where we would make last minute checks. We would be using two aircraft this time and you could feel the tense atmosphere, but we had trained for this.  Fred was to meet us there and he was due to give us our last minute instructions. We were due to find out our location that we would be using for this expedition.


The End

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