Chapter 12Mature

           Don’t look. Don’t you dare look... She’s your best friend.

           Paris kept his hands rigidly on ten and two, moving his hands with mechanical precision and keeping his eyes glued to the road ahead. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Mike sitting quietly beside him, gazing at the shoreline of Point Loma, lost in her own thoughts. She rested her chin on her hand looking out over the scenery.

           She’s not looking at me at all.

In truth, he’d been uneasy from the moment that she bumped into him just outside her bedroom. He caught the hint of jasmine wafting from her hair, and actually backpedaled more from embarrassment then he did from the impact. Every part of her was soft and inviting, and he pushed down the urge to think more on it. His knees went weak whenever she looked at him, those dark eyes going on forever. He sighed, but it was drowned out by the sound of the rushing air around them.

She’s so beautiful it’s scary…

He made a lazy left turn. They weren’t in any particular hurry—the midday sun was strong, but not too strong. Perfect. Just like curve of her legs.


“Something wrong?”

He turned to Mike, who’d stopped looking out of the window, and turned towards him, her face a picture of concerned attention.

“Ah… Nothing… I was just lost in the thrill of driving…”

Mike leaned closer. “Are you sure? You look worried about something…”

Paris had do look down in order to meet her gaze, only he could see far more than her eyes.

Too Close!

Deciding that it was not safe to look any longer, he turned his eyes back towards the road. When she leaned in to talk to him, he could see more of the outline of her breasts. It made him even more uncomfortable because Mike seemed not to notice.

She’s trusting you not to be that way, stupid!

He remembered holding her in the hallway when he first recognized her. He was caught up in the flood of emotions then, but now that things were less crazy, he’d reflected on the entire thing. It surprised him how easily he’d accepted it, but then again things were never boring when Mike was around. As a guy, he was always up to something and they rarely spent their time sitting still. He would come up with an idea on the spur of the moment and then they’d be off on an adventure. As a girl, Mike was much different. Something about her seemed …more primal.

Seeing her like she was now, she seemed to be like a force of nature. In her quiet moments, she was gentle and vulnerable like a field of flowers in a spring rain. When she got upset, the air around her turned into a raging storm and it was all he could do to keep himself from being blown away. He never knew such power could be contained in such a tiny frame.

Why in the hell did you have to go and make her so beautiful?

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her chest rise and fall with every breath she drew. She’d mastered the art of sitting in a lady-like manner, with her smooth legs together, slightly crossed and pushed ever so slightly to the side as she leaned against the window. Her dress draped perfectly. He could tell that she wore no makeup, not even her nails were painted –but that only seemed to enhance her beauty. His eyes drifted to her full, inviting lips –ever so slightly parted…


“This is the first time I’ve been out of the house on my own since everything happened.” She began speaking almost absentmindedly; perhaps sensing that he needed a distraction.

“You’ve gone out with your mom and stuff, though, right?”

“Yeah. We had to go shopping for a lot of things that I’d needed. She bought me the basic stuff I’d need while I was in a coma, but we waited to do the bulk of my clothing shopping until I was settled. She said that it would help me develop my own individual style and tastes as a girl.”

“So what… Did you decide on that outfit yourself?” He asked.

Mike looked up at him, momentarily surprised by the insightful question. Her features softened in mild embarrassment. “I liked the colors. It didn’t seem too long or too short and I’m not really big on frills. I think it was the least embarrassing style that she made me try on.”

She looked at him after she finished answering him. “What?”

“Nothing… It really suits you…” He turned his eyes back towards the road, thankful for the distraction that driving provided.

That was a half assed compliment!

Mike smiled thoughtfully for a moment and turned her eyes towards the road too. “I wanted to get out of there for a while… I’ve missed so much… And I felt like every day I spend locked up in the house makes me feel like I’m even further and further away from the way my life used to be. They’ve all been so incredibly good to me, but it’s stifling—“

“It’s the hotness factor.” He offered, wishing almost immediately that he could take it back.


“The hotness factor… You see, you’re the “hot” little sister now. The older brother gearing is thrown all out of whack because of that. They’ve been so used to bullying and beating up on you –which is what an older brother does to a younger brother, so that now you aren’t. They’re switched gears and become the “doting” older brothers, now. You have to be protected at all costs, and treated like a princess.”

Oh God. Did I just say that?

“And you’re basing this on?”

“Experience. I feel that way about my younger sister. Right now she’s too young so she’s still an annoyance. But I’m guessing as soon as she turns like ten or so, I’ll change gears and become attentive and caring in a lot of ways. Only since I grew up with her like this, I’ve developed a tolerance so I won’t go ape shit when it actually happens.”

“I see… You’ve given this a lot of thought.”

“Not at all… That bullshit was completely off the top of my head.”  

The End

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