The Second Coming of MikeMature

Meet Mike, reborn into the body of a stunning fifteen year old girl. Medical science saved his life at the cost of his gender.
Michael Taylor Anderson was 15 when he was nearly killed by a runaway car while saving his best friend and his brother. Dying on the operating table, he's saved from death by a brilliant experimental procedure developed by his father. The procedure was a stunning success. The only problem is, "Mike" is now a fifteen year old girl. Faced with this new life, Mike now


November 17

            The sandy blond man with the crystal blue eyes clicked the remote. Pouring a little more Bourbon from the decanter by his chair, his eyes remained transfixed by the story unfolding before him. The unnamed CNN Anchor rattled off the story in characteristic news-speak, not realizing the true significance of the story he read from the teleprompter.

“The entire medical and scientific community is in an uproar tonight as it was announced that a little known research group attached to UC San Diego have saved the life of a child by “growing” it a new body.

Dr. David Anderson, the head researcher at the La Jolla Bioengineering Institute, in partnership with the University of California, Riverside, had been working on a method of alternative human tissue generation –called Transgenics –a process by which new DNA instructions are introduced to living cells, enabling the procedure to literally re-grow the human body in whole or in part.”

He missed Dave Walker and Lois Hart. They would have understood the watershed moment that unfolded before him. He took a swig from his glass and continued to watch, lazily crossing his leg while sitting in his chair. He watched them clumsily position the reporter on camera with Dr. Anderson. It would have had a greater impact if they’d put the Dr. on screen by himself. The reporter only took away from the scene. He watched in awe as the Doctor explained everything.

“Stem cell technology is too inefficient, to be used in any kind of practical environment. First you have to harvest and cultivate the cells, and that’s a long drawn out process that is excessively resource intensive. We approached the problem from a different direction—we call it Transgenics. Cell growth is a relatively simple process. Think of it like binary numbers. Without binary, complex computer programs we use today would not be possible. Yet, binary itself is the simplest numbering system in existence. We tried to do the same thing here. Let me make it clear in saying this isn’t cloning –the new cells can be created from biological material already existing in the human body, or by introducing the necessary building blocks to allow growth to take place without a human host.

We taught these artificially created cells how to divide. After that we saw marked improvements in capability and scope. In two thousand three, we created the first organic artificial heart. It’s still beating today. By confining our efforts into a much smaller scope, we realized the potential to use this small operation to a much larger degree.  This new development represents a revolution of unprecedented scale, and we’re right now we’re going to be very busy in understanding all the data we’ve collected.”

There was a thin knock at his door. It was mildly irritating to be disturbed at a time like this, but he realized such was the price of his power. People concerned themselves with him in a way that made privacy difficult at times. Today, he’d locked the doors to his private rooms and informed everyone that he did not wish to be disturbed. Apparently that didn’t stop his overzealous staff from occasionally ignoring his instructions.

“The scientific community responded to this claim, calling for a halt to further testing, claiming that the ramifications of this development need to be studied. Religious groups have filed numerous injunctions, claiming that an artificially created body is a religious quandary that will have to be studied at length in order to determine its significance. Little is known about the test subject as much of the procedure was kept under wraps at an undisclosed location. Dr. Anderson and the Institute’s position is that the test was conducted soley for the purpose of advancing a science that could potentially save millions of lives, and that the test subject will remain for all intents and purposes, anonymous.”

He noted what was missing from the news reports thus far. The Catholic church remained conspicuously silent. That piqued his interest far more than anything else. If they were silent now, it meant that they were giving the matter very serious considerations. This silence worked both for him and against him. He took another swig, biting his lip absentmindedly while he was lost in thought.

“In an unprecedented move, President Katherine Forbes issued a statement:

“This represents an unparalleled achievement, one which could become the beginning of a new era of medical science.  Dr. Anderson and the La Jolla institute have produced nothing short of a medical wonder –one that’s going to be studied for a long time. To that end, I have declared their research to be of national interest – and subject to the subject to all of the protection of United States Government.”

He rubbed his chin. The President’s statement added serious validity to the news story. The cogs were turning wildly in his mind and a slight smile curled on his face, exposing flawless white teeth.

The End

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