The Second Coming

Incongruous dreams through a seeing glass.
squint and blink and hope that they will pass.
shaken terror toss, and turn
hide behind your painted mask.

A startling shock as you awake to no change
you lived for the moment,"An even exchange,"
your soul for pleasure and now you burn.
thoughtless decisions which drive you insane.

"Endless fun", but you've decayed inside
rotted away and ignored are your cries.
then you reach for the end but it does not come
you ask doubtful questions but no one replies.

You have excuses for truths and avoid the apparent
but now here's your proof, and angelic declarent
He sits high and mighty to send you away
His coming was foretold, the timing was errant.

decimation inevitable as you cling to your lies
the judgement came quick like a thief in disguise
proven what you wanted now it's too late to run
you taunted and taunted and gripped your surmise.

You've been hit with The Rock now you're finding it strange
that this whole time you mocked us and thought us deranged.
we've watched you in pity but now it's your turn
to have your hands tied up and your souls detained.

We tried to warn you but you've hit us with crass
now you're reaping the fruits of your treacherous past
forever will your agony eternally churn
The Second Coming of Christ has left you aghast.

The End

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