It was a very warm day ! Around 32 degrees celsius and we (my 2 sisters and i ), were at the pool . I was maybe 6 or 7 i dont really recall the exact age, well anyway we were at the pool near our house and i did not know how to swim yet, so i stay away from the deep end.

The water was so appealing i went in on the shallow end. I was even brave enough to submerge me head in the water ! And i keept my eyes open, trust me with my sisters around it always pays to be attentive (not that it would help me later on).

It was around 3 in the afternoon and we where getting a bit peckish , so because i was the youngest they decide to send me in the kitchen of the restaurant and demand some food ( we knew the owners-that is how we came to swim there every day in the summer holidays), wich i did get. For whatever reason my sister Goreti , she started to push me about ,disregarding the fact that we were so near the water , i may be little(that is now -in hight i am 5 foot one), but i dont take abuse lightly !

So i pushed her back, obviously you can see where this is going, i fell in the deep end of the pool, needless to say i sank. And came back up again and down again, by now if i had been out of the pool i would have killed her ( i was so mad!!!..), and that is when i learn to swim, i started to dog paddle( you know the style), well dont laugh it kept me above water so it is fine and as soon as i reached the side ladder i climbed the steps, i went after her !

She could not stop laughing , the idiot, and then she had the gaul to say " now you can swim ." and acted has she had done me a favour. That stop me , because it was true , i did learn to swim because she push me in .

I still hit her dough, and i told my mother when i got home. She did not sit well down for a few days , and i laughed  then. Some times getting even is great , lol...

Oh, summer days.

The End

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