Winter Frolic

Slipping, sliding, laughing, down the hill they rolled

Joy and thick layers protect them from the cold

They have no fear, no harm could come to ones so bold

Colin, Mark, Dale and Sharon pile onto the old 8 foot long wooden toboggan. They sit at the very top of a long steep driveway that leads to the water treatment plant, which perches high on a slope above the icy St. Lawrence river.

They are all in their early twenties, and only Sharon was anywhere close to sober. It didn't do her any good though, because she wasn't steering. She was squashed somewhere in the middle.

It had snowed all night, and turned to freezing  rain for the whole morning.  By the afternoon there was a  fairly thick crust of ice over at least a foot of new snow.  The treatment plant was supposed to be off limits to the people who used the provincial park that surrounded it. On weekdays when there were workers there, no one could use the driveway, that had at least a 45 degree angle.

On the weekends, that driveway was fair game. It went straight down, and  veered away from a steep slope to the left of it. The slope ended In a thin layer of ice on the river. There was  a long dock for the boaters in the summer. In the winter it was not a good idea to even walk on it. When it was iced over, it was a good way to break a leg or end up in the river.

Thick trees lined the little bay that was a  favourite spot for skaters when the ice was thick enough for it. Today was not one of those days. Mark was steering, and he was not only not sober, he had no sense of direction either.

The plan was to go down the driveway, and steer straight ahead at the bottom, until they lost momentum.  The idea was to avoid the slope going down to the river.

That was the plan. That was the idea. They both went to hell in a hand basket the moment that old toboggan hit that slick and icy driveway. Sharon started screaming, and tried to throw her body to the right , to try and keep the toboggan  from going down the slope on the left. It didn't help.

The toboggan and it's cargo of four drunken idiots headed straight for the river. Colin fell off the back and rolled, Dale jumped off and nearly got run over, Sharon was too scared to jump, and Mark was too drunk to care either way. As they got closer to the river, the land flattened out enough to slow down the toboggan just a smidgen.

Sharon rolled off and pulled mark with her.  The toboggan kept going, hit a tree, bounced off, went onto the river ice, slid for about five feet, hit open water and sank. The four soaking wet only slightly more sober idiots dragged themselves up the hill to the treatment plant, and back to the parking lot where they had parked Mark's car. Mark tried to open the door, and Sharon grabbed the keys when he dropped them on the ground, and wouldn't give them back. Colin went down and called a taxi from a public booth in the park.

The End

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