Winters' End

We will all fall down,

like snowflakes on cloudy days,

lay still, on the earth.


"Elizabeth, will you turn that light off and let me sleep, i just went to bed!"

I toss and turn in my covers, but the light stays shining. A faint tingling sensation keeps a perfect rhythm on my face, one cold pinprick after another. I reach one arm from underneath the blankets to rub my face. My face is damp, have i been sweating? I rub both my eyes and open them slowly to the glare of the white light. It's snow, in my bedroom, on my bed. I look around and notice that i am outside, why am i outside, sleeping in my bed? This looks like my room, my bedside table with my glasses and lamp is here, my coathanger with my robe is over there.  My doorway stood there, frozen in place, nothing holding it upright. Just open where it should be, the corridor light being brighter then usual, very bright actually, i shade my eyes and look away, it's eerie bright... I put my hand on the other side of the bed to wake Elizabeth, but she isn't there, snow is resting where she should be. Now i am sweating, i feel a tiny drip trickling down from my hairline. I throw the covers off my body, slip my legs over the side of the bed and reach down to grab my slippers. I begin to shuffle over to the coat hanger to grab my robe, but almost slip on the snow crossing the room. That wouldn't been the way i would want to die, slipping on snow, laying on the ground until Elizabeth came in and saw me, what would she tell people? I grab onto the side of the bed for support, reaching my robe and cane. I remember i had slipped my pipe and lighter into the pockets when i was done reading last night in the den. Tucking the cane underneath my arm, i pulled out the pipe and found a small piece of tobacco remained. I stuck the pipe into my mouth and lit it, exhaling the smoke up into the falling snow. Grabbing my cane in my right hand and covering my eyes with my left, i hobbled towards the door and look out into the light, not knowing what i brings; will it awake me from this dream? will i end up in my corridor and look back to see that everything is fine, that there is no snow, that my wife lay sleeping under the covers of my bed? Or is all of this a sign? that it is trying to tell me something that i have yet to figure out. I take a deep breath and put my foot through the door, it vanishes in the light. I look up at the snow, it's silence, it's beauty, it's guidance. I smile as I understand.

"I will miss you Elizabeth" I say in my head.

With my other foot, I step through the door and disappear.


The End

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