The Seasons of Life

Infancy, new beginnings,

The Spring of life itself

Every moment is an adventure

Spring , a season of new life, trees grow new buds after lying dormant all winter. The earth  renews itself, grass grows  green. It is newly born.

I remember the first time I held a newborn baby. It was 16 years ago, and it was two days before Christmas. It was my husband's niece. We had gone down to Connecticut to my husbands' sister's place for Christmas.

I have never given birth,  and for reasons of time and  distance, I had never seen my other nieces and nephews until they were at least three months old.

My husband and I went to the hospital to see my sister -in- law about seven hours after our niece was born. She was a good size, nearly eight pounds, I think, but she seemed so incredibly tiny and fragile when I held her.

When I looked into her  precious little face, I realized that this small scrap of humanity had just begun a marvelous journey. No one but God knew how long or arduous that journey would be. I said a little prayer for her, to help her on her way.




The End

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