The Pervert Doesn't Fear the ReaperMature

Roy was in the midst of riding the elevator up to the dormitory floor when his phone began ringing. Unfortunately, due to a ring setting he had not set himself, he felt inclined not to answer it.

...of course, when you knew your mood was going to plummet to a level comparable to that when one calls a customer service line, it was easy to sympathize with him.

Despite the consequences, Roy took a deep breath and answered. "Yes, Mikal?"

"You'll never guess where I am!"

"...Right outside the Structure. Because, that's where you always call me."

"Ho ho! Wrong! I'm in the entryway!"

"Damn it, Mikal. Mom didn't buy you a phone to annoy the hell out of me!"

"How do you know?"

With a blank expression on his face, Roy simply replied, "Because I just know. And, any further arguments on the matter are now, and will further be invalid."

"Eh. Anyway, what's been up?"

"Well, we have family in. You have a fifty-fifty shot on guessing who it is."

"Um...Aunt Jen's family?"

As the elevator door opened, Roy shouted, "Woo, we have a winner!" only to be caught by Lucretia, who blinked several times, before merely shaking her head as if to never acknowledge that the moment ever happened.

"Um...hi, Roy," she waved rather uncomfortably as she stepped into the elevator, still trying to regress the scene. "You know the door's open if you were getting out, right?"

"Why would I know if they've gotten any bigger?!" Roy exclaimed, making Lucretia feel more than a bit uncomfortable. "Gah, you're so freakin' predictable."

Of course, her cousin's reactions were also making her a bit curious. "Roy, who are you talking to?"

"Mikal, hold on for a sec'," Roy sighed, as he held his hand  over the mouthpiece and turned to Lucretia. " bad."

"Let me see it," muttered Lucretia as she grabbed the phone from Roy's hand. "Mikal?"

"Oh, 'Cretia, perfect timing!"

Lucretia's mood suddenly depressed with a little bit of loathing building up inside. "Mikal, if you ask me something help me, I will personally feed you your entrails on a silver platter. Capice?"

"I got ya. are wearing white panties today, right?"

Lucretia was deathly silent for a moment before punching the button for the first floor and conjuring a holographic-bladed scythe. "You had better start running..."

"Um...'Cretia, can I have my phone back?"

The End

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