Roy knew that no matter how old he was, his parents would still prefer to keep some conversations to themselves. That didn't mean he was oblivious to the subject matter.

In fact, he knew exactly what they were discussing at that exact moment. It really was no secret, but Roy knew how to spot bad news from a mile away.

...However, he usually had problems spotting Eve's occasional sneak-attacks, which almost always caught his backside.

"Guess who?" she whispered after climbing onto her brother's shoulders and using her leathery wings to help cover his eyes.

Muffled, Roy tried to speak, only to be heard as, "Mmph gghppmkph mmphp mhhhmp..."


Roy raised his arm up and pulled one of Eve's hands away from his face. "I said, 'Get your hand off my face'. And, while you're at it, retract your wings--I don't want to fall into the fountain...again."

Eve let out a short sigh in disappointment as she obeyed Roy's demands. "Alright, Spoilsport."

Ignoring the comment, Roy tried to pop his wrist then said, "Well, I was going to find Aunt Jen and the twins. Wanna come?"

"Actually, I was going to go check on Eden for a moment."

"I'll probably head that way soon."

Eve was quiet for a moment before climbing down from her brother's shoulders.

"You know, I think she'll wake up soon."

"What makes you think that?"

Eve smiled, "Addie and 'Cretia aren't the only twins you're related to. So, try to believe me when I say...I just know."

The End

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