Talking to Who?Mature

"If we're lucky, we should reach Rydale by nightfall."

Coincidentally, that's what Roy had told us yesterday. It had been about two days after we confronted the patrolmen. No further contacts with the Veralansi-Kiseth Military had been made.

Although none of us were complaining about the lack of patrolmen with somewhat questionable intelligence or Remnants, for that matter, it would have taken the edge off the monotony that was walking through this wasteland.

Luckily, our food supplies were kept fairly constant by summoning stuff from my house in Nirisil, which Dad kept well-stocked. ...Although, Mikal was still sore that I wouldn't let him grill the steaks, he could just get over it.

In fact, he had become quite pissy as of late.

"Roy, I have a question."


"After Rydale, where do we go?"

I know Roy wasn't entirely sure where to go next. None of us were. I had to admit, we probably wouldn't have gotten this far without him, though.

"'In emergencies, head to the nearest available Structure.'"

"And, what Structure is that?"

"Necremia, I think. That's where our evacuation drills say to go."

I felt kind of bad, considering I was partly responsible for us being left behind.

But, then again, if we had evacuated successfully, would my sister still be alive?

It didn't matter. Thinking about it wasn't going to change something that already happened. And, I knew that. As much as I loved my sister, no amount of tears or bloodshed would bring her back.

And, then again, I guess Lirayne would have never been given a chance to live had we not been stranded.

So, all in all, I'm--

"'Cretia, what are you doing?"

"Huh? Oh...Eve...kind of startled me."

"You've been mouthing stuff to yourself for the past five to ten minutes. Maybe you should take off that heavy coat in this weather."

"Oh, no, I'm fine. Actually, I'm quite comfortable."

"You're sure?"

"Cwea-cwea's ok."

Lirayne's gotten into a habit of sticking up for me during conversations. It's kind of cute, considering she hasn't quite opened up to everyone aside from me.

"Oh, alright. Can't argue with you, now can we?"

As kind-hearted as Eve was, I knew Lirayne was scared of her--probably because of the rune symbol on her left cheek and silver hair. Plus, the fact she dressed in dark clothing didn't help either.

But, like most cases, you can't judge by appearance.

The End

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