After Roy thawed himself out with his own internal rage, the time came for us to decide whether to engage with the VK Military or steer clear of them.

Considering what had already happened to us, our minds had already been set for "revenge," but only Roy and Mikal had any form of Martial training. And, Eve and I were merely licensed "Remnant-Busters". So, the odds of us taking down a large force were extremely slim.

One or two patrol officers? Those odds seemed more reasonable. And, luckily, that's all we have to deal with.

I never quite understood why the VK Empire was being so hostile. In fact, I could have sworn they were allied with Rylanthia, so there was no reason for us to even be in this situation.

Although, I guess now isn't the time to think about that. Wait...nobody said anything about engaging.

"Alright, you bastards. This is for attacking my home."

"Roy, you idiot, don't sh--"

And, of course, he fires his shotgun anyway, completely missing the patrol officers.

I don't care how suppressed ether-shot is supposed to be--it's still loud enough to give away your position.

"Hey! You four!"

See what I mean?

I had to find Lirayne and make sure she didn't get caught by these goons. There was no telling what they'd do to her.

"Lirayne. Where are you?"

"Here I am, Cwea-cwea."

"Keep it down. I want you to go hide somewhere close where the bad guys can't find you. Like hide 'n' seek, alright?"


"Good girl."

Thank goodness Lirayne knows how to hide.

"Come out with your hands behind your head."

...And...that's supposed to do what, now? I could understand restricting someone like Roy or Mikal, who relies on a weapon, but Eve and I are casters--we don't need our hands.

Eh...I'll play along. They'll just learn their lesson the hard way.

"Roy. Mikal. Come on, they've got us beat."

Eve must have the same idea, because she's not giving me the same odd look Roy and Mikal are.

So...I'll just innocently walk up to these stooges and act like I'm totally helpless... Then...

"So...should we take them back to barracks?"

Don't they decide this stuff beforehand? Gah...doesn't matter.

"Here's an idea..." And, now, to put on some flashy effects. "...You can turn around, head back to your homeland, and pretend this never happened, or have me eviscerate you with your own combat knives."

Bingo, two frightened patrolmen.

I think one of them just shat themselves. Where else would that smell be coming from?

...Unless Roy or Mikal... Nah...couldn't have been them.

"Eve, any threats you'd like to make?"

"Just one, but it'd more or less be an expansion of yours."

"Please let us go! Don't eviscer...um...do bad thing things to me!"


"You listen to me: if you try ANYTHING at all, you die."

I have a feeling they aren't going to try anything at their intelligence level. But, hey, you never know.

After the patrol officers left the scene screaming that they would get us back, I sighed and sat back down near the campfire that Roy failed at putting out earlier. Unfortunately, Mikal came by and succeeded.

"Well, we need to get a move on if we expect to get somewhere that actually has beds to sleep in."

Mikal hasn't learned it, yet, but he's on my hit-list for Top 100 People to Horribly Maim When Angry. Currently ranked number 3.

Just you wait... Just you wait.

The End

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