The SearingMature

Planet Realas, home of four species that until recently, have kept their strife to a moderate low. But, new struggles generate ever rising tension. The sparks of war have been ignited and the pieces are moving into place.
Let The Searing begin. (Rated Mature for Violence/Language)

Death. What is it, really? Is it merely the body's way of shutting down permanently, it just another way of saying "goodbye"?

After I lost my sister, I...wasn't sure what to think. I...was in despair. My twin was gone. Taken from me by a few simple gunshots.

But, I know if none of it had happened, I wouldn't be where I am today. And, despite what has happened, I'm thankful.

I believe Sis would be happy, too...

"Cwea-cwea! Wake up!"

"What is it, Lirayne?"

It had been about two weeks since we had been forced to leave the Elesiana Structure due to the V-K attack. Every step we took away from our starting position only opened our eyes to more destruction.

"Cwea-cwea, Uncle Scwuffy said that dere was some bad guys by here!"

Little Lirayne was a victim to that destruction. From what she had told me, she lived with her father alone, and lost her mother at birth. The VK had killed her father in the attack shortly before Elesiana's.

"Well, let's go see what 'Uncle Scwuffy' wants to do about it."

My older cousin, Roy, who was an official militia-member, was attempting to lead us toward safety...wherever that was. At that point, I don't think anyone really knew.

"'Cretia, you up? Mikal and Eve have breakfast ready."

"I'm up. Lirayne says we have contacts nearby."

Roy nodded. I was expecting a bit more of a conversation out of him, but he merely walked away.

"He's talkative this morning," I mumbled to myself, although Lirayne smiled at me as if she knew what I was talking about.

...I had to admit, she was intelligent for a three-year-old.

I decided to finally force myself off the ground and where to Eve and Mikal were eating their breakfast. As usual, Mikal was finding ways to make everyone's morning miserable. However, I think Eve had found out a foolproof way to ignore him after seventeen years of being his sister. They were called "headphones".

For the past few days, I had been trying to teach Lirayne not to play near the campfire. So far, it was going pretty well, except that Mikal would continually try to undo everything. The latest attempt was with a flaming stick, which would have put out Roy's eye had he not fell back, screaming like a small child.

...I could only imagine something similar would happen this morning.

Except, Roy had already gone through and removed any sticks from the area that could be used on him. So, breakfast was pretty mediocre.

...Until Roy set himself on fire by trying to stamp out the fire. So, we had a "Royscicle" thanks to Mikal and his ever-so-useful ice ethers. 

It was moments like these that made me feel sorry for Eve. Then again, I'm sure she wasn't paying much attention anymore.

The End

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