The StrangerMature

     This wasn't right. He was supposed to be home by now. Saedar worried as he pulled himself up to peek out the window at the empty streets below. Destroying the cup was supposed to make his father normal and bring back his mother, instead, there was no sign of his father or mother.

     To make matters worse, he was trapped. With Tariah asleep peacefully in their parent's bed, he couldn't easily open any of the doors without waking her, and if he woke her, she'd know he was going somewhere. And with Tariah, she'd either want to go with him, or tell a grownup that he was sneaking out.

     With a soft sigh he resigned himself to looking out the window and hoping for a sign of either of his parents. The barkeep had brought them both up here and tucked them in, why their father trusted that odd cat was beyond Saedar.

     His thoughts were interrupted when he saw a shadow move in the pale moonlight. He perked up his ears, maybe it was one of his parents? As the figure moved once more, Saedar sighed again, brown hair, neither of his parents had brown hair. But the figure did resemble his father...quite odd.

     Curiosity was too much for the young pup, he crept as quietly as he could to the door, and let it creak open. Drawing it closed behind him he darted through the tavern, down the stairs, and out the unlocked front door.

     His small legs were too slow for him, however, and the figure he'd seen from the window was no where in sight. An odd scent was left in his wake, similar to the smell that Saedar's fathers weapons bore. This served only to further peak the pups curiosity.

     The scent trail led out through the gates of the town, but Saedar had been alone in the wilderness before, it didn't scare him. And sneaking past the guards was of little difficulty, they weren't looking for small pups that evening. It was in this manner that Saedar set off on his quest.

The End

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