Destroying the EvilMature

     Saedar waited three eternities before he dared to clamber out of the corner. His instincts had been right, and his father was slipping away quicker and quicker as the days went by. He was unsure of who this new being was that inhabited his fathers shell, but it was mean, and dangerous.

     Approaching the mirror he sniffed lightly, this monster still carried his fathers scent, though it was heavily masked by sharp strange smells as well. Those sharp smells were also apparent on the chalice, which he hefted up in his small paws. This is the key, he knew it was. Somehow this cup was turning his father into a monster.

     He'd put an end to that. The chalice was tucked into a small sack and heaved up onto his shoulder. As he stepped out the door of the second floor room into the Tavern's hall, he glanced about nervously. There were always strange people here, and they all wanted to either chase him off, or coax him to come sit with them a while. He didn't like either type.

     Down the stairs he went into the tavern proper, where he was accosted by the overly friendly barkeep. The feline's name didn't come to him, but the scent was unmistakable. "So where are you off to today Saedar?"

     Biting off a growl the pup shrugged his shoulders, and gave a short growl. It had seemed a fair enough explanation, but the persistent feline kept on. "Your father doesn't want you to be wandering around town while he's out taking care of business."

     Not willing to allow the infernal cup to curse his father a single day longer, Saedar made a break for the door. The barkeeper's cries of protest faded behind him as the pup darted out into the crowds.

     The plan was simple, he would destroy the thing that caused his father so much anguish. But it proved to be much harder then he thought. He sat in an alley behind some of the village shops, the chalice resting on a rock as he smashed it with another. Sure, it was denting, but that was not the result he sought. He wanted to destroy it.

     It was the distant clanging of the smith that brought the answer to him. The smithy's forge would be a perfect place to dispose of the wretched thing, he'd just cast it in and let the fires melt it, and once and for all his father would be back to normal...and perhaps it would bring his mother back too. Then he would be a hero.

     With his new goal set clearly in his mind, he set off in the direction of the smithy. Unfortunately, when he got there the smith was hard at work, battering away at a hunk of glowing red metal. Patience, Saedar thought to himself, he still had plenty of time before dark...before his father returned in search of the chalice.

     The hours passed, but he got his chance. One of the merchant's coming into town started hawking strange new metals, claiming they had incredible strength but weighed not more then a feather. This drew the smithy from his work to see if such claims could possibly be true, for if they were, he would need as much of this new metal as he could obtain.

     Saedar moved toward the forge with all the speed his little legs could give him, and once he arrived, he cast the golden cup into the fires. To his dismay, the cup was not destroyed immediately. Instead it sat, doing seemingly nothing in the fire.

     But the primes favored Saedar this day, soon the cup began to glow the eerie red color of the smith's metal. And some time after that its shape failed it. Satisfied that the fires would finish the job, he hurried back to the Tavern, using the rear entrance through the storage this time to avoid being seen without the sack he'd left with.

The End

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