Nishiken - Time To Go

So after a few days I decided I really needed to look for Something.  So I told Tsukiya that I was leaving and when he wanted to know why I told him the story of my life.  This is how it goes:

"Once upon a time I was.  And I knew that I had to find Something. Then I walked through the forest for days and I played some songs too.  Then I came to the village and I met you.  And now I must go and find Something."

"Oh...uh what is something, excactly?"  he asked when I had finished.

"I do not know.  I just have to find it.  That's all."  I said.

"Well then I will come with you!"  he said, wich surprised me.

"How come?"

"Because it will be a adventure!"

I was very confused. "It will?"

"Yes it will.  Now lets go!"

So we went. 

The End

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