Tsukiya - A flute?

So then after supper the weird guy asks if he can play a song.  I am curious, so I'm like, okay yah sure.  Then he opens his backpack and takes out a flute.  Okay, so this weird guy who doesn't know what a name is plays the flute?  That's weird...But anyway so he takes it out  and say he's going to play a song called Summer Sun.  So then he starts playing and it's like, really amazing.  It makes you think of summer, and it's like you can feel the sun's golden rays shinning down on you.  Then he play a song called Wind Wispering Through the Trees, and it sounds, well, just like its name.  He play many more and I have never actually heard of any of these songs before, maybe he made them up. This weird guy is pretty amazing, I guess.

The End

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