Nishiken - A House?

So I followed this Tsukiya guy to a small building and he opened the door and went in.  Door?  What is that? I do not know.  So we go in this building and I sit down.  Then the Tsukiya guy goes over into another room and comes back with some things that are round and flat and brownish-goldish. 

"Would you like some pancakes?"  he asks.

Pancakes? "Uh, sure."  As we eat the round flat things called pancakes, he asks me all kinds of questions I do not know.

"So are you sure you don't know where you came from?" he ask.

"Not really.  I came from the forest....."  I am not even sure why that is important, though. 

"And you do not know your name?"  He did not sound as if he believed me.

"I don't think so......I might if you told me what a name is..."

He looked very anoyed with that, I do not know why.  "A name is what people call you, you my name is Tsukiya."

"Oh, well then I guess I don't have a name because you are the first person I've ever met.  And you did not call me anything."  I told him.

He didn't look very pleased with that answer, either.  "Well, how old are you?"

"Umm..."  I said, thinking.  "I think five days."

He just looked at me, then finally he said, "Are you feeling okay?" 

I think that is an odd thing to ask someone, but all of these questions are kinda odd.  "Yah, sure.  I feel very normal and okay."

At that he said something very quiet that sounded like "This guy is soooo weird."

Only I don't know why, excactly.  So then, when I asked him what a house was, he said that this building is a house and how can I not know all this stuff that everybody knows.  He did not seem very happy.  I decided I would ask him about pancakes later.

The End

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