Tsukiya - Soo weird...

Uhh...This is kinda weird.  A guy just walked into town, he has got dust and dirt all over him and he looks tired.  He also got a backpack, he must have come from far away.  I think I'll go talk to him.  So I walked up to him and said, "Hi."  He just looked at me.  "Hello"  I said, kinda anoyed.

"Uh...hi"  he finally said.

"So...My name is Tsukiya.  Who are you?"

"Umm...I am me?"  he said hesitantly.

"What is your name?"  I was quite anoyed with this guy. 

He looked at me blankly.  "Name?  What is that?"

This guy is sooo weird.  "Where are you from?"

"Don't know."

"Okay, look why don't you come to my house I'll make you some food." I said.  After all,  he looked hungry.

"Oh...okay.  What is a house?"

This guy is sooo so weird, I thought as I took him to my house.

The End

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