Nishiken - Ow...

So I walked.  I walked as the moon rose, and I walked on and on.  Just walking.  Nothing else, no thinking, no looking at anything, just walking.  Walking and walking and -- CRASH! Ow.  Crashing into a tree branch is not pleasant. CRASH!  Ow.  Neither is falling in a hole.  CRASH!  Ow.  Or tripping on a tree root.  That is when I decided I could look around a little, so I wouldn't crash into things.  Finally I saw a stream up ahead.  So I went over to it and drinked lots of water.  Then I didn't feel quite so tired.  Until I stood up.  Then I felt very, very tired.  So I climbed up into a tree and sat down, and sleep crashed over me like a soft, black wave.

The End

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