Nishiken - And....More Walking!

I walked on, for what seemed like forever.  Then I walked some more.  As the sun dipped down below the trees, a slight breeze started to blow the summer air.  It was quite nice actually.  But I could not stop.  I must keep walking.  If I stop walking, I think I will die.  I have now been walking for two days straight, and I am not sure I can stop.  But most of all, I don't want to think, because when I do I start wondering about all sorts of things I do not even know.  And that makes me want to check my sanity.  And I would like to believe I am still sane.  Still?  What still?  This is how long I've existed...Isn't it? Then why do I remember the silver-and-gold thing?  And Something?  What are those things anyway?  Ugh.  Just walk.  Just walk.  That's all, no thinking, no wondering, and certainly no crashing into trees.  WHAT!?! Crashing into tr -- CRASH! Ow. That's why no thinking.  I will get distracted.  No thinking.  Just walking...and walking...and walking... 

The End

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