Nishiken - In My Backpack

The first thing I took out was a notebook. That's weird, I thought. Why do I have  a notebook in my backpack?  Then I took out a pen.  And some ink.  I suppose that makes sense.  Then a blanket bundled up around something inside.  Curious, I unwrapped the bundle, and saw something that almost made me cry with joy.  I do not know why.  It would seem I do not know a lot of things, lately.  Hmm...lately?  What is lately?  Isn't this my whole life?  I just was, and now I am, right? Oh well, who cares anyway.  The thing was silver, long, slender and cylindrical.  On the ends were gold.  There were holes on it, perfectly round, small enough to put a fingertip over one.  Something inside me stirred.  I knew this thing, whatever it was.  And I loved it.  And it called to me.  So, slowly,  I raised it to my mouth and started to blow into it and move my fingers across the holes.

The End

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