Nishiken - Morning

Sunlight shining on my face woke me up.  I did not realize I had gone to sleep, but I must have.  I then realized that I was hungry.  Except I do not know what that is.  Seriously what is up with this!?!  I keep realizing things I do not even know what are.  The world is such a strange place.  But I do not have time to sit around wondering what is up with this world, because I need to find Something.  But first I am hungry, thirsty too.  So I went over to the stream and got a drink of water.  After that I decided to go find food, so I went out into the forest.  At some point on this long walk, about noon I think, I decided maybe I should check my backpack, to see if there's any food in there.  So I sat down, took off my backpack, and opened it.

The End

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