Nishiken - Starlight

I looked up at the sky.  It was almost dark. Wow, I've been sitting here all day wondering  about why I am and why anything is and what Something is and why I need to find it.  Oh well.  The stars are coming out.  The light they shine on the world is That was all I could think of to describe it.  The starlight reflected off the stream and the air was still and silent.  Wow, what a beautiful night.  The need for music increased, and I just had to let it out or I thought I might explode.  So I started to hum softly.  I do not even know what that is so I do not know how I did it.  I just did.  A song somewhere in the back of my mind, a song about starlight reflected on a lake as the wind blew over the water.

The End

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