Nishiken - Awake

I looked around.  I looked around at the trees, the flowers, the grass, the bubbling stream, and the light.  Light, bright warm sunlight.  A fresh scent of summer air drifted on the soft breeze. Hmm...I thought, this is a nice place.  It is so beautiful.  Beautifully peaceful. Peace, hmm.  Peace is a nice thing, I think.  I'm not sure what peace is, excactly. So I just lay there a while, listening to the wind wispering through the trees, and enjoying the warm sunlight. But after a while, I couldn't be sure how long, since I was half-asleep, I started to get an odd feeling.  It would not go away.  So I ignored it.  But it would not stay ignored.  I finally realized what it was.  Something is wrong.  Something is missing.  I did not know what, or how, but I knew.  And I knew that I must find it, I did not know why, but I must find it, soon.  Before something else did.

The End

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