The Final Chapter

Sea Cove Beach has never been more like home to me, then now. Being away from it has proven difficult but now my 3 month ban is over,I can enjoy it. Better still,I can enjoy it with my best friend,Tom. But this is the final chapter of my story, the final page I shall write. 

The only feeling I can feel is happiness,it's always with me and I've realised I can be happy wherever I am. At sea, at home,on the sand. Anywhere at all. But the one thing I couldn't live with,is that Tom wouldn't be there with me to laugh and to joke and to share to happiness with me. It's cured us both of being so upset and sad all the time. We needed our time away from everything,to manage things alone. We got upset with out lives,each other and our families and spending time apart from that,allowed us to think about what is important in our lives.


The End

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