I haven't spoke to Tom since the argument, and that was hours ago now. I feel bad,really bad because it was our first ever argument.I look over at Tom and he's gathering his things in a bundle,separate from my stuff.

I turn away looking in the distance where I can see land. "Tom,quick, look over there,look!" I shout, desperately. He runs over,cautious of the filled up hole, and looks. He's completely star struck at what's in front of him,he's smiling. I smile and laugh at his expression. Then we are talking again,giving out instructions on steering and helping each other to get to land.

"I hope there's people there." I say to Tom,sighing. "They might be able to take us home" 

Tom goes quiet again that turns into a long painful silence that is louder than ever. "Tom,are you ok?" I ask,steering clear of another argument. "Yeah,fine. It's just I keep thinking,you know. We could make it,on our own. I mean,what have we got back home?" He says slowly.

"Families that love us,isn't that enough." I say. Another silence.

"No,it's not." He replies swiftly. Great,so we've gone from being great friends to being each others worst enemies. But we carry on ignoring the subject and talk about who and what could be on the mysterious island in front. It gets closer and closer as the hours go by. It's quite familiar and as we get closer I know where we are.

The Local Beach we left off from. This trip has been a wasted journey. We've spent 9 days out at sea just to sail a circle. But it's too late to steer back now,we've hit the sand and people rush to the boat with camera's. It's obvious everyone knows we've been missing and the paparazzi can't miss this opportunity to get a headline. Tom and I look round stunned at the amount of people that have now gathered around this small boat. But four people Tom and I know most are pushing to the front of the queue.Both Mum's and Dad's of ours.

"They carry us off the boat,and onto the sand. "Oh My God where have you been I've been worried sick. You could of got killed out there! What were you thinking going off on your own like that with no warning! Mum screams. But then she's scooping me up in her arms smiling and laughing and thanking God that I've come home. Dad's crying. I've never seen him cry before but his eyes are streaming with the salty water. "The only reason I did it was for Tom."I say. They nod and make me promise never to do it again and give me a 3 month ban from going near the sea. I suppose that's quite fair. But Tom's Mum and Dad is giving Tom such a hard time,he looks so upset. I bravely and stupidly step in.

"I'm very sorry to interrupt but before you take it any further I would just like to point out that you two are the reason that he wanted to leave. He only did it to make you see how much he wants to stay and I helped. I know I was wrong to help and encourage him and we are both truly sorry. You may think we want attention but the only attention we wanted is, for you to realise how much this place means to me and Tom." I say boldly,the paparazzi writing every word I say down.

Tom looks up at his parents and whispers. "Please Mum,Please Dad, can we stay?" They look at each other. At that moment they must have had the same thought at the same time. "Yes,we can stay" They say in unison starting to smile.

The End

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