We have been sailing for 3 days straight now. I've been following the stars each night to guide me to land,like in the olden days when they didn't have navigation tools, but I am totally lost. All I can see is the sea.

But we have managed to sort things out on the boat,sort of.

I look over at Tom and he is wrapped in his Dad's big fleece,fast asleep on one of the benches on our boat. I'd hate to wake him,he's not had it easy these last few days and this was his only option. I find my dressing gown and lay out onto it. It's early and cold,the sea air is brushing onto my skin, making me shiver. But I lay still so as not to wake Tom. I can feel we are  rocking as the boat glides over the waves,much more than usual. That means only one thing. We are heading into rocks.

I jump up in a snap. "Tom wake up,wake up Tom,we're heading into rocks,quick!" I shout at him, as I shake him abruptly. He runs to the side of the boat to see what's going on and his is thrown to the other side as the boat begins to crash into the rocks. 

Water leaks in as I try and steer the boat to safety. Tom helps and eventually we bring it out into open water. But there is a hole in one side of the boat. I go into one of the two cabin's in the boat to get changed into my swimming costume because I have an idea, where we have put my things to one side on one bed and the other bed with Tom's things. But it's a tiny room that we only use if it's raining at night (to sleep in) and to get changed. The other cabin is the bathroom with a poky sink and shower and a tiny toilet.

I change as quick as I can and race to the hole. I tell Tom to stand nearby as I rip up an old blanket and take some string. Before he can ask my plan,I have jumped from the boat and I am plunged into the sea. I swim to the hole and wrap the material inside,tying it to the boat to stop the leak. I then swim back to the boat side,where Tom is waiting for me at the steps. He hands me a towel as I climb up. Safe again.

"Well done Casey,once again,you saved us!" He says smiling, I don't smile back,just brush past him and sit on my towel,not even looking at him. "What's wrong" He asks,puzzled,sitting beside me. "We have to go back" I say,mumbling. 

"What! You can't be serious,we don't even know the way,this is our life now,I told you know going back" He says,louder. 

"I can't believe you. That hole is going to get bigger and soon this boat will be under the sea,dragging us down with it. We'll be dead within the week. Our parents will be so worried by now,this was a mistake" I reply,turning away from him.

"So that's it then!? We just turn back and your gonna let them take me away forever?" He asks,harshly like everything has been my fault.

"I have done a lot for you. Saved your life twice and I have ran away with you. It would be nice if you listened and took my advice. I've lived on a boat before and I know how our story ends if we don't turn back and get off this boat soon!" I shout. I start crying silently. I'm tired of fighting,getting my point across and tired of solving everyone else's problems for them.

"Sorry" He whispers,looking desperate,alone and miserable. But I'm too upset to speak or say anything. So I abandon my towel and jump in again. Floating again,safe again.

The End

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