Tom knocked on my door at 7 this morning. Mum and Dad were still in their bed,Dad snoring away,grabbing the quilt from Mum. I yawned as I went to the door. Half asleep,in my pink dressing I opened it to find Tom,looking very worried and anxious to tell me something. "Casey! Bad time I know,can I come in?" I nod,unenthusiastically "But keep your voice down,Mum and Dad are asleep."I reply.

I wipe the sleep from my eyes and follow him into the living room. He sits down with  me next to him,still yawning uncontrollably. "Casey I have really bad news, we're moving." He says.

The world suddenly spins. A chaotic frenzy begins in my head full of thoughts. "What.?" Is all I can say to him. It doesn't hit me and I can't imagine how I am going to get over. "No,no,no! You can't it's the most crazy idea ever!" I shout,unaware of Mum and Dad.

"Calm down Casey. I know. But they've laid down the law. There isn't anything we could to change it" He replies,calmly. The sentence repeats it's self in my head and I try to calm down. I imagine I am in the water,floating around under the waves. Listening to the noises of the sea. With Tom next to me,we go far out swimming in the rapids and venturing where no human being has gone before.The image fades.Then I imagine I am with Tom on a boat sailing out to sea,never to return again,the world at our doorstep....

And suddenly,my worries are over.

"Tom,I have an idea. We should run away,out to sea,on a boat!"I say excitedly,but I'm whispering. 

He nods. But how,what boat??" He asks.

"Well,we'll need careful planning. First of all,it can't be in the day time because everyone will see us. So we will escape at night when both parents have gone to bed. We'll meet on that local beach where we had the boat ride,and well,take the red  boat your parents own, I guess. Don't forget your things,like clothes,toothbrush oh and plenty of food and drink. And lots of money." I say,carefully planning it out in my head. 

Tom is already writing a list. "When will we go?" He says. "Anywhere in the world!" I reply,whirling round the room."Now go,before Mum and Dad wake up and tell no one!" I order. He runs out of the door. And I am left alone downstairs.

The End

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