Boat Trip

I wait for him the next day. And this time I see him running towards me. "Casey,Casey! Guess what? I've asked Mum and Dad if you can come on a boat ride with us this afternoon, and they said yes!." He shouts,still madly running. He flings his towel over the rocks to me and I catch it. I watch him jump from the rocks and he hurdles at me. "Oh,thank you Tom" I stutter,unsure of how to react. We both sit on the sand."Why didn't you come yesterday?" I ask him,moments later. "You were right,I was sick when I got home. It was all that water that I swallowed from nearly drowning!" He replied. I nodded. At least I knew and I'm glad I did send him home.

"Ready for a swim?" I say.

"You bet" He replies and gets up instantly. We dive in unison into the sea and look around for shells. I pick up a few and show Tom as we get back onto the sand. I have a slightly tinted pink, mainly white,shell that curls over,nothing like I've seen before and a few more pebbled coloured shells. Tom doesn't manage to find any so I give him some of mine but I keep the pink one hidden, because I want to keep it.

I'm sad to leave the beach earlier than I would,but I have to ask my parents if I can go on a boat ride with Tom,and to get ready for it. "Mum,can I go on a boat ride with Tom and his parents?" I ask as I venture into the living room to find her ironing. "Yes hun,what time you leaving and what time are you coming home?" She asks. "Err,I'm leaving in 10 and about 7" I reply. "Okay,no later,have a good time." Mum calls as I make my way upstairs.

I get changed into a light blue dress that goes down to my ankles. It flows freely and lightly  and it's the only one I have. I brush my brown hair and let it down,I've no time to wash it now. I race downstairs,shout bye and fly out of the door to meet Tom and his parents.

I follow him to a local beach where a small red boat is waiting for us. I m greeted by  Tom's Mum,Linda and his Dad,Andy. They smile at me and ask me all sorts of questions like my age,my school and they seem really interested in what I have to say. As we journey out into the sea,I notice baby Dolphins jumping in  and out of the water together. My hand reaches out to stroke one,and I glide my fingers down it's back. "Come away dear,those things are very nasty creatures." Linda says to me.

"No it's fine,they are really friendly,I've swam with untrained Dolphins before on a beach,they are no bother at all." I reply as sweet as I can. Linda reaches out to give a little stroke to them,but one nearly bites her. She screams and takes her hand away. "Not a nice creature at all." She says and gives a stern look to her husband. But I knew that to stroke  Dolphin you need to be calm and unafraid of it. Linda was negative about them and they can sense that. I wanted to say that,but I would have been rude. So instead I sat in silence.

The End

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