In Too Deep

This morning was terrible. A misty and  cool breeze swept across the beach. It was unusually chilly,but it didn't stop me and Tom from swimming. Even further than we usually would. I'd taught Tom the basics of swimming,as he didn't know how to before and I was confident he'd be fine out in the open water. I was wrong. I should have already known what was coming but it happened so fast,I didn't realise fully what was going on.

The wind picked up monstrously and a sea frenzy began. The current tried to take Tom and it was too strong for him to swim back to me. I swam after him,faster than I would ever swim and I grabbed his arm and pulled. There were rocks under my cold feet. I gripped my toes onto them and heaved his helpless arms onto my shoulders. "Grip tight" I shouted as I began to pull through the current, back to shore.

Even though I was frozen,I wrapped his and my towel around him as he breather heavily in shock. "Are you ok?" I asked him,whispering. "Yeah,you were amazing out there,thank you" he replied a few minutes later. I thought I'd lost him,he'd been a good friend these past few months.The thought of him being forever swept out to sea was terrifying. "Go home Tom,until tomorrow.You could have caught something" I said to him.

"I want to stay" He replied.

"I'm telling you to go, just until tomorrow,you need to get some rest after today" I managed to smile. He nodded and passed me my towel back. I turned and watched him climb up the rocks. When I could no longer see him,I turned my head back and looked along the sea. I wasn't going back out for a while,especially with the wind high. So I turned for home and waited for the next day.

I get up feeling tired and shivery,but I can't let Tom down today. I put my swimming costume on and get a spare towel from the airing cupboard.Yesterday was mortifying but I had to move on and look forward to today. I can smell the sea air and hear Sea Gulls up in the air flying over. I wait for Tom for fifteen minutes. He's late. He must of woken up late. He'd be down soon. 

Hours have gone by,he's not coming otherwise he'd be here. So I plunge into the water and spend long hours thinking about Tom and why he had not come.

The End

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