The Boy Figure

The day has ended.I am coaxed out of the sea with a promise I can come back tomorrow. But I have come here everyday over these Summer Holidays. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I've even named this this place,I like it so much! Sea Cove Beach. But no one knows about it,it's all mine.

It's 7:30am and no one is awake. I creep into the bathroom to get changed into my spare swimming costume. I've never woken this early for a swim,but I might as well,seeing as I'm already dressed for it. I fling my towel round my neck and run down to the rocks and jump down from them.

The sand sticks between my toes as I rub them deep into it. But I notice a figure,at the edge of the sea front. Looks like a small boy. He sees me looking at him and runs. I run after him,it's lucky I'm fast otherwise I wouldn't be able to catch him. I grab his arm and he turns around. "Who are you,and what are you doing on MY beach!?" I ask him. He snatches his arm back. He quivers and speaks "I'm TttThomas Hhhandson.".

"What are you doing here,this is my beach!" I reply coldly.

"Is it? Oh I didn't mean to intrude" He says politely but I'm not sure he believes me.

"Go and don't come back!" I say very sternly.

"OK" he replies sadly and turns away,his head pointing down. I feel so mean. It's not really my beach and it's unfair of me to turn him away. "Wait,you can stay,as long as you tell no one of this beach and of me. Only you and I can come here,understood?" He nods gratefully and a smile appears on his face. I put my hand out for him to shake. "My name is Casey McBeth." I say. He shakes it and we sit on the beach looking across the great scenery.

The End

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