The Plunge

 This is the place where I can feel the waves,lapping onto the sand. To feel the  the wind running through my hair and the sun,shining on my face, as I take a breath. The coral tickles my feet as I step out of the water. I wrap a towel around me and sit on the sand.

Mum and Dad said they'd be down soon,but they hate the beach. They hate the sea salt,the sand  and they hate going into the sea. But me,I am Casey McBeth. A natural born swimmer. Enjoying the simple pleasures of the water guiding me,down deep to uncover the lost mysteries of the sea.

"Casey? Where are you?" Mum is calling. I turn around,still perched on the warm sand,waving with both arms. She points and laughs. Dad is not far behind her,carrying towels,sun tan lotion and deck chairs. I never need any of those things. I'm happy with just a towel and a swimming costume. But Mum is very persistent. "I told you to stay out of the water,until I came down,you could burn!" Mum fusses on. "I'm fine Mum,look I'm not even red" I reply,to reassure her.

"Well,just to make sure I've got factor 50 sun tan lotion for you. Your Dad has it though. Bill,where's the lotion?" She steps down onto the beach. "Hang on a minute,let me put these things down." Dad sets up the deck chairs and spreads the towels out. He sighs and sits down on a chair, as he hands Mum the sun tan. She spreads the white sticky cream all over me. "Disgusting" I whisper,so no one can hear me. "There,now wait half an hour before you go back, to let the cream soak in." She insists.                                                       She is so incredibly bossy.

I race back in,chucking my towel behind me,not caring where it will land . I take a deep breath and dive into the sea and,I swim down as far as I can,as the salty water washes away the hot sticky,irritating cream. Relief.

We've lived by this beach for two years now and this is only the third time my parents have come down to this beach in all those two years. I have come down here every day. After school,for an hour or two. If I have had a bad day at school it can depend. But no one  understands how great it is in the water,to feel free in the water.

There is no place like it.

The End

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