The Screech

Chapter 1 - The Spark

Andrew was a normal boy...then it changed! He had been locked in his bedroom by his devious stepmum, Gina. He had felt a surge of anger at this and there he was a falcon. It was the summer holidays, but you couldn't call it much of a summer, it was dry, but windy. He'd always dreamed of being a bird of prey, but he had never thought it would come true!

"WHY!" screamed Andrew to the heavens, "WHY ME!". He knew no-one would hear him, but he couldn't help looking around for staring eyes and shocked faces. He got up cautiously and started to walk back to his house.

"Where have you been?", his stepmum snapped.

"Out", stated Andrew.

"Well hurry up and get in!", she said angrily.

Andrew climbed up to the stairs to the small dingy bedroom he owned. He lay down and thought about what had happened. He was soon asleep.

The End

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