Hide underneath a nearby Volkswagen.

Sliding under the car you feel certain you are now safe. Safe and warm, for the car must have been parked but moments ago and so is still warm, soothing almost.

The asphalt beneath the car is also warm as if heated from below - It seems odd, but not unpleasent and you find yourself oddly at peace. It feels good here as if you have come home and you start to wonder if perhaps you should stay, make a new life for yourself. This could be good, this could be just what you need after all the screaming children and that whole muder suicide pact you couldn't go through with momentarily before you started hearing the child scream.

Life could be good here.

Suddenly your dreams are snatched away as the car is lifted and tossed to the side. It's the screaming child again! Wait... it's 17 of them - all clones - and they have paddles!

What now??

The End

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