Will you throttle the boy, while screaming?

You scream and scream and throttle and throttle and --

Oops!  You've done snapped his head right off.

Quick -- put it back on before anyone notices...  Wait -- there's something odd.  His neck is the ball of a ball-joint.  No wonder it was so easy to pop apart.

You pick up the head, place the socket on top of the ball-joint, and give it a good shove.  Ping!  Right back in place, no worse for wear.

And he starts screaming again.

Relieved for the moment, you sit back.  What kind of kid has a ball-joint for a neck?  He's not human -- must be some kind of android.  And androids have no emotions as such, so perhaps his screaming was some kind of technical misalignment?

You decide to look for a control panel on the boy android, so you can switch his screaming off. 

Do you:

The End

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