Flying kick the door closed

 You round house kick the fridge door with a force so great Chuck Norris would be proud. Perhaps too much force, as the door slams against the fridge and bounces back open.  The contents of the fridge are thrown about by the impact of the kick.  A jar of pickles topples to the floor breaking and casting pickles across the floor.  Then a jar of mayonaise falls and breaks spewing it's contents on top of the pickles.  

Viewing the mess of pickles and mayonaise you make a fist and begin an intense flash back.  You were a very young boy and decided to make a snack of your favorite two foods - pickles and mayonaise.  Your father entered the room and began yelling at you "I told you mayonaise and pickles shall never mix in this house boy!" He then proceeded to place your hand on a red hot burner of the near by stove. You were so young you've never been able to recall this memory before.

You come to sitting on the floor... wondering if it was a dream or a long lost memory.  When you hear a voice from below you say "please for the love of god scratch the back of my head"  In the confusion you didn't notice the head of Michael Jackson roll out of the fridge or that you had sat on the bloody stump.

Will you fulfill his request and scratch the back of his head?

The End

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