You nogoodniks -- get off my lawn!!!

"You nogoodniks -- get off my lawn!" and with that you recal your ninjitsu training from the 1980's, rush at one child , a warrior yell belting from your lungs as you throw kicks to the childrens shins.

"I'm gunna tell my mummy on you" cries one child, an ungainly bruise beggining to shine nicely on his forehead.

'You do that little boy, and i will report you and your little gang to the police for polluting my lawn with heinous pyramid formations" a quick flick of the hair, twist and exit.

Trying hard not to look back and the shocked and broken bodies of the children you rush inside (through your now limp back door) to your room at the far end of the house, dodging past your bed you grasp at the handles of your cupboard, reach inside and pull out ..


The End

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