You feel the boy is still not punished enough, and proceed to administer another spanking

"Enough is enough", you say to yourself.

You gently pick up the child and place him in an upright position.

"Stay here, and don't move!" You tell him in an authoritive manner.

You scuttle off into the kitchen and quickly return with a delicious ice cream sunday. The tears quickly dry and you the child smile for the first time.

"Allow me to feed you" You say. The child eagerly accepts your offer.

You slowly scoop a spoonful of ice cream. This is followed by you slowly bringing the scoop towards the boys face. This is very deliberate and you begin to make airplane noises as you do this. The child closes his eyes and opens his mouth wide.

Then suddenly you violently cram the spoon into his mouth and lodge it into his throat. Before he can react, you deliver a swift powerful blow into his abdomen.

"STOP CRYING!!" you command. You then pick up the boy and place him onto your knee, but you notice something. The child has stopped crying...

What do you do?

The End

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