Do you start screaming for real now, 25 years later?

Ah, that did the trick. The screams are flowing steadily now, and as you look round each boy seems to nod in approval as he screams,
and a feeling of acceptance washes over you. Finally, after all these years of not fitting in, of being taunted and tortured at school, of being shunned and whispered about at work, you have found your niche. The screaming is effortless, it doesn't even hurt your throat, and now the screams begin to even out in pitch, into a sort of harmony, although the faces of the little boys are still anguished and drenched in tears. There are screaming boys as far as the eye can see now, and some girls have joined as well, and there you see Mrs. Smith from down the road, she's screaming too. It is beautiful, sublime, and deafening.

The End

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