Remember the time you were sawing away at a bit of wood and then your neighbour laughed at you because you were using a plastic saw, when you were five?

You were only five, maybe even only four. Your father was doing some DIY in the garden. It was sunny, beautiful, summertime, and you wanted to help. He gave you a saw and said "Cut that for me" and pointed at some wood, and you eagerly worked away at it, sawing and sawing and sawing, so happy that you could help. And then your next door neighbour peered over the fence, and looked at what you were doing, and started to laugh, and laugh, and laugh at you, and you looked at him in confusion, and fear, and asked what was so funny, and he said "you'll be there quite a while.. with that plastic saw!" and he started laughing again and you looked at your father and he was smiling, too, and you looked at your saw, and you were too embarrassed even to cry, you just sat there, and screamed and screamed and screamed, silently, inside your head.

The End

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