Do you decide to take him to the zoo instead, because its such a nice day?

Aah, the zoo.  People forget about the zoo, but it's such a lovely place, isn't it?  To stroll about the grounds, looking at this animal or that, introspectively comparing other species' genitalia to your own...  Life is good, sometimes.

It really is a lovely day, isn't it?  Just look at that sunshine.  There's something special in the air, yessir.

So you're walking through the zoo, and chance upon the Reptile House.  The Reptile House is always a bit boring -- none of the snakes or lizards tend to move around very much, but perhaps there's a washroom.  In you go.

Nope.  Washroom's closed for cleaning.

Luckily, there's the Monkey House next door.  You decide to have a look in there.

Also closed for cleaning.

Allright, then, back to the main gate.  Surely, there's one at the gift shop and snack bar.

On your way back to the main gate, your son sees the sign for the monorail which goes around the park.  He's tugging at your sleeve, imploring you to take him on the monorail.  Becoming a bit insistent about it, actually -- he's starting to make a scene.

Do you:


The End

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