You run over to Jim and try to hold him back from the boy

   You dive for Jim, Kicking the boy of his feet in the process. You reach for jim and take the string off his finger. You turn around to see the boy behind you start to morph hideously. Into something of a monster. Spomething similar to a thing out of that movie "Aslien"---- Wait a second. Your memory is coming back! You start to remember all aout Alien and begin to remember--- the boy jumps toward you and you dodge it just in time, only to start rolling down the stairs. It seems to have become an endless staircase. You see the "boy" chasing after you and try to stand. You manage to get up, and so does Jim. You start to run from the "boy". You look down the stairs. You see the living room, about 30 feet below you, but as you get closer, it gets farther away. You're beginning to grow tired and the "Boy" is coming after you. What do you do now?

The End

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