You grab the string off the ground and hand one end to Jim. When you walk apart, the string expands. You each tie one end to your fingers and begin to explore the house again, confident that you will be able to find one another with the enchanted string.

You and Jim each pick up one end of the string and tie it to the ends of your finger. However Jim drops his end. You pick his end up and hand it to him, but when you try to touch him, something keeps you from reaching him completely. You try again and again, and yet there is some sort of force keeping you apart. You drop the string and decide to let Jim pick it up.

You start to walk off in different directions. Jim walks out from the kitchen into what seems to be a living room, and you walk up the stairs to look for a bedroom.

As you walk up the stairs, you see paintings of random people. However they all seem familiar to you somehow. Once you reach the top of the staircase, you are washed over with a feeling of sickness and dash to what looks like a bathroom.

You bash the door open only to find the screaming boy, standing in the tub. The childs voice isn't that of a child anymore, but more of a booming voice, rattling the bottels in the medicine cabinet. You shut the curtains on him, and take the praying position over the toilet.

Once you finished your heaving, you noticed that the string was missing from your finger, and the boy was tugging on it with amazing force, more than he seemed to be doing. You looked out the staircase to see Jim being dragged up them, frantically trying to get the string off his apparently broken and disfiggured finger.

Several thoughts race through your mind, but one seems to prevail over the rest of them.

The End

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