The Coarse Rope of LeewayMature

Ismaly shook her head and looked back toward the other hornets, maintaining formation and sitting relatively still in space above Terra. Her squadron was on their way to the staging area they'd been given, leaving earlier than the others.

"We're going the wrong way." She said over squadron comms. To her left, in the distance, she could see the sun glimmer off the sharp edges of the Scipio, glittering like the blades of a razor in the night. "We shouldn't be so concerned about the staging area."

Almitt sighed and activated his mic. "The way the games work are pretty simple. We protect our area, they protect theirs. Then at some given point, we have an objective to accomplish that's sent to both of the groups simultaneously. If we don't go to the staging area, they'll send someone to it and take it. We'll lose."

"Obviously we have to control our area Lieutenant Colonel, but if you give me control of my flight, I can prevent them from landing on the Scipio to rearm and repair.”

Almitt thought to scold her for a moment, and then realized that if given enough rope to hang herself, he would be saving himself the trouble of a reprimand. “Fine Princess. You're now Delta flight's leader." It took him aback when she came over the comms again.

“Whitey, Mag, on my wing.” She said, pulling away from the rest of the Dread Hounds and heading straight for the Scipio. “We aren't going to let a single one of them land, got it?”

Soon, Ismaly's flight would become visible on Lucas' scope as he flew near the Scipio, simply maintaining orbit with the carrier. He was the Commander of Security Squadron Thirty One, and bore the callsign “Hawk”, though many now called him Doctor Hawk since being recognized for his valiant efforts at saving the lives of injured crew members during the recent ambush on the carrier. Now though, he sat looking at his control systems, managing energy output and wondering when the first damaged or expended hornets would return to the Scipio.

He had split his squadron in two in an attempt to monopolize on the training value of the war games. Charlie and Delta flight were attached to the Bombers, and would cover them on their missions to the surface of Terra where their objectives would be later in the exercise. His Alpha flight, and Bravo Flight, stayed back with the Scipio to act as security. Alpha flight was designated to protect the Dread Hounds and attack any incoming Wolf Pack members, while Bravo Flight was designated to do the opposite, attack Dread Hound members while providing landing cover for the Wolf Pack squadron.

It was then that Lucas noticed the blip on his screen. They were in tight formation, so tight that the computer kept assuming it was a Freelancer, or a Constellation sized vessel rather than three hornets. Civilian traffic had been banned from the sectors, and so he knew without a doubt that this was an incoming flight of Hornets. Once they came into range, their IFF's signaled in. They were Dread Hound hornets, bound for the Scipio. “This will be interesting.” He said to himself, peering through the canopy to see the temporary glitter of light flashing off their rearward swept wings. He keyed his mic. “Flack, you've got company coming in.”

“I see them. Why are they coming so soon?”

“I'd imagine they're trying to get full control of the Scipio's airspace.” Hawk replied.

Flack sighed. “Alright boys, let's go meet them.” she said, jamming her throttle forward as the three hornets of Shepherd Bravo darted away from the Scipio, a blue haze of engine wash rearing behind them.

The End

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