The Scilence of the Flames

A girl is trying to bounce back from a giant move from Los Angales, California to Valley Center, Kansas She has some odd qualities from her purple hair to the fact that she be burning on fire and live. Zowie gets kidnapped along with her three best friends. The men want something, but she couldn't understand what they were saying. soon they saw the body of an old friend that used to sing in choir with rhiannon. Suddenly the fear strikes. Zowie started looking for flames and every time she


  “I fit in fine!” I said to my  mother.  “But…”my mother chimed in.  “I have purple hair, what’d you expect?  Do you think that Abbie will just fall in love with the idea of me having PURPLE HAIR?  “Corey loves it!” mom said acting like I was complaining.  “ I’m not complaining! Just stop thinking about my life and think of yours!  You’re a Greek god studier  for crying out loud!  You have other things to worry about, besides me, like learning about Gods!!” I said.  I was used to fighting with my mom. We used to get along but ever since we moved we couldn’t stop fighting!  I hope we learn to get along, but I’m guessing it’ll never work!

  My family (me, mom, and my little brother ) moved from L.A. California, to Valley Center Kansas.  Witch I think is the smallest town on the face of the earth……well maybe just U.S.A.!  we’ve been here for 3 ½ years.  I have 2 best friends Corey(7th grade) and Rhiannon (6th grade  like me!)  Pretty good for being here for only 3 ½ years right?  Well, not good enough for my mom!  She thinks I should have a lot of friends, but she doesn’t know: After 3 years of trying to make it to the top, I found myself on the top of 4 different grades!  Let me explain, my best friend is in the 9th grade and I’m in the 8th grade ,  6th  grade is the grade below me, and my brother is in the 4th grade.  I know everyone in the 9th, 8th, 6th, and 5th grade, and they know me!!  Mom didn’t believe me until, she walked in to my school.  Everyone was sayin’ hi, hello, and ahola!!  She was blown away!!  “When did you talk to all of these people?  You don’t know all of them do you?  It’s impossible to believe the girl who never made friends in Los Angles is doing this now!?” Trying to answer her own question she says “No, it’s impossible!  I know it!”  “ I’ll prove I know them all” I said.  “No I don’t want proof.  They all have that look in they’re eye.  Like they know most of the stuff about you!  I don’t under stand how did you do this?” “I told you I fit in fine!  I’ve done this in the last 3 ½ years we’ve been here!”  What I didn’t know, was something was going to happen tomorrow that might change my whole life...

~Back in L.A.

            I woke up to the gawking of my alarm.    I was extremely tired.  Last night I had gone to the races with my friend Collin, it lasted till 12’o’clock.  It was 7:00, right when I was supposed to be at school!   I was going to be an hour late. Crap!  I couldn’t miss Mrs. Tulips class!  Rushing out of bed, I finally got dressed.  All I could think was “Moms going to kill me!”  I walk out to the living room, after getting dressed.  To my surprise, mom was sitting on the couch sipping coffee!  Mom doesn’t miss work unless she sick!  “Mom what are you doing?  Your supposed to be at work!” I said. “Well, I have something to tell you and your brother, so you won’t have to go to school.” Mom  said calmly.  “Wow, it must be pretty serious, cause mom knew I was going to fail Mrs. Tulips class, if I weren’t there today!” I thought.  Josh (my little brother) got up and mom said she would tell us the news after he got dressed.  I was ready for anything……I thought.  “Okay, if this has to do with my work will you guys be mad?” Mom asked “No, we won’t” We said at the same time.  “Fine then.  We’re moving.” We both just sat there in shock.  Wishing, if I could get my thoughts together, so that I could yell,” No, no you can’t do this!!  I have a life!!  Your work can stay here!  I don’t want to move!!  I have a life unlike my little brother!” But I couldn’t get anything to come out of my mouth.  So, I got up and laid on my bed, tears streamed out of my eyes.  I haven’t cried in years!  This could not be happening! I thought.  

~A Few Months Later

  You’re probably thinking ’wow that’s not a big deal!  Why is she freaking out?’ well if you don’t know, this is in Kansas!  The bottom of Kansas!  How can you live in the middle of no where?  Anyway we left about 4 months later.  We got to see our new house.  It was about, I don’t know 30min from the airport, but it took longer since Mom wanted to show us the pool, and our school.  Was it possible to make friends in the middle of summer, I ask?  Well I bet I won’t know anybody till school starts aka: august! “How about you two go to the pool?  It would be wonderful exercise, and maybe you would make some friends!” Mom said happily.  “why can’t we just stay in this terrible…..I mean wonderful house and unpack?” Josh said.  “Don’t be mean to the house!  Look, it’s the best we…….I could get!  Don’t worry its really nice inside.” Mom said.  “I would like to go to the pool.” I said.  “Z.Z., you never want to go to the pool!  Are you feeling okay?” Mom said to me.  “Well I need some water on me.  I want to see what people are like here.” I said.  I looked over at josh, his face was twisted with horror.  Josh didn’t like water, he had been fight with me ever since he was little that water was evil.  I’ve never thought it was evil, I love water and always will!  I just didn’t go the last few months ‘cause I haven’t been feeling good. It’s a little hard to do what you like in the middle of misery! “I’m not going!!  Not for my life.”  Josh said.  “Yes you are.  You don’t have to swim but you are going!” said Mom.  “Fine, I guess I have to.” Josh said.  We went to change then off we went on on our bikes

  “Wow its busy” josh said as I was paying.  “Yeah it’s a lot less than L.A.!  Its also a lot colder I’m loving it!” I told josh.  I went to set my stuff down.  I took off my shorts (I had my swim suit under them) and jumped into the pool.  The water felt so good!  It was cold, and it made me feel a lot better.   As soon I came up to breathe, two guys had made it my way.  One of them was shorter than the other, and he was a bit plumper.  The other one was taller and skinnier than a stick, but both were shorter than me.  “Hi!” the shorter plump one said.  “We figured you need help, since you have never been here.” said the taller one.  “First I need your name and age!  Just so we know who you are.” said the plump one.  “Um….my name is Zowie.  I’m thirteen.  What do you care about me?”  I said  “Your thirteen?  Your really tall!” said the plump one.  “Your really short!” I told him.  “Look, we don’t want trouble!  We are going to be 8th graders at Valley Center Elementary school.  We can help you learn most of the people in your grade, starting with us!  He is Colby and I’m Collin.”

~3 years later

            Hey, Corey!  Look over there another one of your ex-girlfriends!” I told him “Shoot which one?” Corey said.  “Um……I think its Makaela, but it my be Carina” I said while trying to see witch girl it was.  “Both my worst choice of girls!  Will you hide me again?  You know I really can’t see them!  They’ll kill me!”  said Corey  “Nope, its both of them!  This would be hilarious if I weren’t best friends with you!  Of course I’ll hide you do…….oh crap!” I said  “What?  Are they coming?” he asked.  “No, my two of my old boyfriends just walked in and are coming for me!  Dang it!” I said.  “I’m going home!” Corey said.  “I second the motion!” I said.  “So do you have a plan, because both pairs are coming!  You always have a plan!” he told me.  I was ignoring him so I could think.  “Z.Z.!  Earth to Z.Z.!  Zowie Kronos Zholia!” he said.  I was EXTREMLY mad as soon as he said my middle name!  “Don’t you EVER say my middle name again!  You got that!” I said.  “Fine, I won’t.  But why not?” he asked. “I’ll tell you on the way home.  Now on my que you walk really fast!! Got it?” I asked.  “Ready, set, GO!” I whispered.             

We made it past with not interruptions.  “So why can’t I say your middle name?” Corey asked as we started to walk home.  “Where to start, where to start.  Well, my middle name is the name of a Greek God, like Zeus.  Except Kronus, he sort of ate all his kids except for one, Zeus.  He didn’t want his kids to be come in power.  Rea, Kronus’s wife, tricked him into eating a rock instead of Zeus.  Zeus made his father disgorge his siblings, by mixing wine and mustard. This started a war with Kronus.  This war lasted 10 years, Zeus won and is now the god of gods.  But none of this is true!” I told him. “Wow!  How do you know so much?” he said.  “Really? Really? Think about my mom! She is the head director in Greek mythology!  You got it now?” I said, annoyed because he’d know me for years! “Oh yeah! I remember!  So you’ll be really good in social studies this year! They study that!”  “Yeah I will.  Can we get off the subject of school? I want to wait till August till I start thinking about it!” I said really wanting to talk about something like sports!  He looked at me like he always did, that ‘I wander what she’s thinking, I really wish I knew’ kind of look!  “Sure, so are you going to watch football this season?” he said.  I smiled! “Of course!”  I said as I nuged him on the shoulder!


“Did you see the new girl?” Abbie whispered.  “Oh Heck no!  I’m not talking about her!  You know she tried to bite R.J. and I!! We just walked away and she came up and hugged us!  HUGGED US!  That boy clung to me the whole way to our lockers!”  I whispered.  “Well how am I going to find out if neither of you talk to me any more!” Abbie sort of shouted it in a whisper-like voice.   “Shut-up! You’re going to get us-” “Miss Zholia and Miss Casey, do I need to separate you?” said Mrs. Wituk.  “No Ma’am” said Abbie.  The one thing that was nearly impossible for me was owning up to teachers! UGH!  “Do you, Miss Zholia , want to be separated and get a detention?  Or will you answer?”  Funny thing was, I was taller than her, and she didn’t scare me!  “No, I don’t!” I said.  “So are you going to talk again?” Mrs. Wituk said.  “No I won’t!” I said, getting really, really angry now.  “Okay then no problem!” said Mrs. Wituk.

“Why did you give in so fast?” I said.  “Well, unlike you I don’t want to get in trouble and I don’t think its WIMPY to give in to a teacher!” she whispered.  “Fine.” and I was back to work. 


“Hey, Mom can I go for a walk?” I asked.  “Yes that’s fine just be hone within half an hour, okay?”  “Yeah sure” not really processing what she said.  “Are you feeling okay?”  “Yeah, Half hour right?” I said.  “Yes” she mumbled, not completely convinced.  When you go on a walk you have a lot of time to think.  It can get a little scary.  Thinking isn’t always the way to go when you’re flustered and frustrated!  I mean really? Thinking when your mad?  Does that even sound reasonable?  Anyway thinking was not the way to go!  So I started to cry and that was the first time I cried since back in L.A. and that was three years ago

The End

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