The Science of Water Storage...With a Twist

This story is made for my science class, and I'm going to try to make it the best here goes. Water storage, a part of the water cycle, has suddenly become somewhat human. This story is kind of people vs. water cycle. Weird, but interesting...

Water storage POV:


Highmovers, our term for what people call, well...people, love jumping in puddles. Where do these puddles come from? Rain. Precipitation. Highmovers love staring up at the clouds. Condensation. Evaporation is shown in other things they do. But some of them--the ones I see most--like rock-climbing. As they are doing so, some of them end up pretty close to where I am now. They're just way higher up. I'm water stored in something you've probably never heard of before, called a water aquifer. That's a hole, crevice, space, or crack in a rock where water can be stored. And aquifer number four-ninety-nine is where I am. Home, sweet home.

 No, offense, but we're pretty tired of your kind, the Highmovers, polluting the water that is stored, because this water is bad to collect for the purpose of Highmovers drinking polluted water. So me and my friend, who was originally part of the evaporation tribe, but now part of water storage (she's one of my aqui-mates) came up with the idea to go on strike,and percolate deeper into the rock of aquifer number 499 to make it harder for Highmovers to collect us. The more droplets that strike with us, the more of a point we will make. Then, eventually, we decided to carry out are plan. It was a pretty hard decision, though. Normally, we like being collected. But we've never liked being brutally poisoned by pollution. But once we get our point out by striking, I'm sure the amount of contamination in our rocky home will lessen by much.


The End

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