Happy Memories-or Not?

An interactive story.
I do not own Club Penguin.
A penguin named Eunice is driving home. She bumps into the empty Club Penguin University at 10 PM. She decides to explore it. It's up to you for her to survive.

In the forest of Club Penguin, it was filled with fun and laughter.

A pink penguin named Eunice was partying along. She has blonde hair with a pretty blue clip on it, with diva sunglasses, a camera wrapped around her neck and a pink hoodie. She was with her orange puffle Weirdo.

As she looked at her watch, it was past her bed time. She took her last drink and said goodbye to her friends. It was sad to leave the party, but she needs to rest for a new day.

While driving, Eunice finds the Club Penguin University, her school. It was so shiny and beautiful at night, but with bats surrounding it, it's giving her the creeps.

It was good to go home, but it's the fact that she wants to explore more, what happens to CPU at night.

Will she skip it, or go inside for a thrilling mystery?

The End

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