what will sarah say next?

James said to alex " i hate sarah!" alex replied "yeah me to"..... B ut when they turned around sarah was stood right behind them " hi " said james and alex " i heard what you said james and i hate you to! " sarah shouted to james " anyway you and him are not goning out " said sarah " yes we are " replied james " prove it " said sarah " how" said james " kiss " shouted sarah " ok but keep your voice down please" alex whisperd to sarah. So alex and james had to kiss infront of sarah but then sally came along " hey" said alex " hi" said sally  " are you goning out with james alex"  said sally " yes " said alex  " come on alex" said james " yeah i am coming " whisperd alex . James and alex walked off up to the hotal room james opened the door for alex . "or how sweet thanks james" alex said softly " you know what alex" said james sweetly " what " said alex " you are so cute and i want to be with you for the rest of my life" said james " awww you are sweet" said alex softly. It was getting late so alex and james got there pj's on and went to bed." alex are you still awake" james aked her " well obviously i am talking to you" said alex. So james go into alex's bed and huged her tight " james you are hurting me " said alex " oh sorry it that better " replied james " yes" said alex  " awww you are so sweet alex" said james sweetly " you to" replied alex to james. The next day this new girl arrived called becca and she

was alex's best mate alex said "hi" to becca and becca said back"hi" and then she walked off . Alex and james went into the bar for a drink james went to the bar to get alex a drink of orange. When james come back from the bar he relised that becca was in the bar and becca saw them kiss..........

The End

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